Recently in class, we focused on the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Each asana practice focused on the quality of the elements (grounding, flowing, heat, etc.), and we ended with a delicious guided meditation that incorporated images and feelings of the elements. I promised I’d record these mediations.

This meditation focuses on the element of fire, the key element for purification and transformation. Heat has the power to change the shape and composition of items; food becomes energy, ice becomes water. But, maybe more importantly for this meditation, heat incinerates. It can burn away excess, or toxins, or debris. 

This mediation will help you to lighten your mind, helping you to become “unstuck”, and free from carrying the weight of things that you can, and should, let go. Use it when you feel burdened, in a rut, and heavy. It’s about 13 minutes long.

Photo credit: Guillaume Meurice,  Sound credit: