Aren’t these two adorable? This is my mom and my daughter, Eva, showing off the peaches they picked from a tree on the farm. Eating a peach that got ripe and juicy right on the tree is the best treat ever!

And sometimes you can’t even wait to get down from the ladder.

In yoga, we talk about Prana, life force, and how the freshest food has the highest quality Prana. Yep, this is some quality Prana right here.

Judging by the number of apples on the ground, this was a bumper year. This is my son, Ben, using a long apple picker to get the best ones. Wouldn’t it be fun to sit around with a bunch of yogis, chatting, peeling apples, slicing and freezing, or making apple butter? Could happen….

I do have a nice, big garden at the farm. With all this space, there’s no excuse not to. Except, it does take effort. First, you need to till the soil….

Then, add some manure. If you are lucky like me, you have really nice neighbors who have horses that create lots of manure. If you are really REALLY lucky (like me) they will bring it over in their cute little tractor bucket and dump it for you.

And you will have this. All you have to do is spread it.

Now, all gardens have weeds. But, I learned a little trick that works for me. Usually, someone will have some old bales of moldy hay or straw. You head on over in your pickup, and nab a few.

You spread this out all over your garden, in a nice, thick layer. when it’s time to put in the plants, you just create a little opening in the straw, and pop them in. Viola! You have mulch.

Mulch has lots of benefits. It keeps the weeds down, and it’s also a nice place to lie down when you are tired from working so hard. Like Sprout, here. Nothing feeds the soul like working out in the garden, right Sprout?


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  1. I loved every single photograph! Thanks for sharing! I especially love the prospect of fresh and nutritious herbs, fruits and veggies. Oh, Sprout!! See you in the garden darlin’!

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